03 Halloween

This week on The John Carpentcast, Nick and Chris are joined by actor/producer Liz Manning to talk about John Carpenter’s 1978 game-changing horror masterpiece Halloween. It’s almost that special time of year, why not turn down the lights and kick it off right?

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Media referenced in this show:

  • I (Nick) paraphrased a Bill Hicks bit from his special Sane Man about Drunk Driving in the 70s to the point of possible plagiarism. I meant to attribute it in the moment but didn’t. It’s a funny thought, but it was not my thought, it’s Bill’s.
  • 70s Van Culture.
  • The Thing From Another World.
  • “And they settled on ‘Raw Meat’?!”
  • Forbidden Planet 1950s Electronic Soundtrack.
  • The Message (1976), the film about the early days of Islam that Moustapha Akkad was producing when he was approached by Carpenter about Halloween.

02 Assault on Precinct 13

This week, Nick & Chris are joined by film critic Bill Pierce to talk about John Carpenter’s 1976 shoot-em-up action-thriller ‘Assault on Precinct 13’. This one is especially boozy, so why not have a few while you listen to join in?
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Media referenced: