04 Someone’s Watching Me!

This week, Nick and Chris are joined by author and film critic Hal C.F. Astell. The film is a John Carpenter rarity, Someone’s Watching Me!, the 1978 made-for-TV Hitchcockian psycho-thriller, which was widely unavailable to audiences until 2007. Turn down the lights and make sure you’re comfortable behind your telescope to join us for Carpenter’s first foray onto the small screen.
You can check out Hal’s blog at Apocalypse Later Films. Review Hal’s books on Amazon. You also will want to check out the Apocalypse Later International Film Festival, happening this next Saturday October 15, 2016 at Phoenix Center for the Arts.


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Media mentioned during the show:

  • Opening Titles of North by Northwest:
  • Harry Sukman’s Main Theme for Someone’s Watching Me!
  • Rear Window Theatrical Trailer
  • I always feel like…